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About us

New Bridge e. V. is oriented towards the different cultural and social environments of people and families and places their needs, individual needs and resources in the focus of understanding and cooperation. This means that the team of Neue Brücke e. V. to the individual with his or her social background, culture and language of origin, his or her intellect, possible disability, gender, interpretation and understanding of the world. New Bridge e. V. works with and for people.

Transcultural learning and social-spatial networking

New Bridge e. V. implements support, education and educational missions with a special focus on transcultural encounters and transcultural learning.

The ability to actively participate in different cultures is a crucial quality in a growing world. We would like to encourage young and old to do so, and in particular to strengthen the openness and curiosity of children and young people with regard to the many opportunities and ways of life.

The colourful cityscape of Cologne and the neighbouring cities offers a valuable basis for socially oriented work as well as the supraregional and international networks of Neue Brücke e. V., in order to unite the experiences with migration and with life in different cultural contexts to a common learning.

Individual educational processes

Every person - regardless of his or her culture-specific biography - can be encouraged to pursue his or her ideas and questions in order to acquire a wide range of knowledge, develop his or her abilities individually, strengthen his or her personality and stabilise his or her identity.

New Bridge e. V. enables children and families with a migration background and refugee biography to find places and places where they are welcome. With their own sense of well-being and positive experiences, they are able to accept help and support and to pass them on as important and central multipliers.

Attention to the feelings and processes of understanding of children, parents and people who want to understand more than just their own culture offers the design opportunities in everyday life together.

Education also means learning on the model, exchanging ideas with one another and through joint projects on culture and social-social issues, not only to create understanding, but also to learn beyond the cultural realms of life - far beyond school education.

We impart knowledge from different countries and bring it to the people in the host society through playful, practical projects.

Communication through language(s)

Intercultural learning is inconceivable without a good knowledge of the German language in our host society, which is essential for participation in public life and for actively shaping one's own life. Language promotion therefore plays a key role in all educational processes. It is just as important to give room to one's own language and to allow it to be respectfully remembered and perceived as an expression of one's own identity and important feelings.

We support educational learning processes with our own linguistic and cultural diversity and encourage people to present themselves and open up to a new language.

Professionalism and authenticity

Neue Brücke e. V. works as an association. with an international and interdisciplinary team consisting of different cultures, religions, languages and specialist areas as well as professional experiences and working hand in hand with demand-oriented help, projects and intercultural training.

Our team succeeds in this by the fact that, like the people and families to be accompanied, they are always willing and curious to cross bridges and pick up young and old at the place where they are standing.

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