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Social group work

The group work makes it possible to create ongoing programmes on specific youth topics, which can be carried out depending on the target group and group size as part of theatre or cultural education projects. Topics such as autonomy, identity, violence or isolation should be taken up and emotions and thoughts should be expressed and presented by means of para- and non-verbal elements. Especially where children and young people with a migration background, refugee biography or trauma lack language. In this way, group-dynamic processes enable us to identify alternative communication channels, offer approaches to solving individual problems and shape social coexistence and understanding of socio-cultural actions and structures in the accepting society.

Educational assistance

The educational assistance is an offer for children, adolescents and young adults with and without migration or refugee biography, who have individual age-related problems and difficulties in both domestic and school life.

The educational counsellor is a stable reference person and, taking into account the social environment, is supposed to accompany the young person in his or her personal development, to promote the relationship with the elders and to provide information work in case of conflicts.

Social pedagogical family assistance

The SPFA is a long-term aid for families with multifactorial problems. As a holistic form of assistance, it includes all family members, the social environment and especially the resources of the family system in its everyday and action orientation. The strength of the individual and the family system are in focus and are involved in helping people to help themselves. The cultural requirements of the family are taken into particular consideration.

Integration aids for mentally handicapped children and young people

This offer is aimed at children, adolescents and young adults with and without migration and refugee biographies who are threatened or already affected by a mental disability and who need pedagogical support and guidance to cope with their practical and structured everyday life. This also includes support in helping to shape leisure activities and school integration, therapeutic and medical care and the shaping of one's own life plans, as well as in building up social contacts and a social environment.

Help for young adults

This support service is designed for young adults who still need companionship in the reliable design of their habitats and lifestyles. These include, among other things, the transition to independently rented housing, integration into working life and professional life, alternative school-leaving certificates, processes of dissolution from parental, family and traditional relationships as well as the independent and responsible handling of material references and with authorities.

The participation of the young person in particular is in demand here and is based on a comm structure in many areas of the offer.

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