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Qualified personnel

Neue Brücke is made up of an interdisciplinary team of experts with expertise in cultural studies, multilingual, pedagogical, systemic, pedagogical, trauma pedagogical and therapeutic skills.

Team processes and team design

Our support teams work together in different group constellations as advisory and mutually supportive co-teams. The regular professional exchange, transcultural learning and reflection are the focus of this. They are an expression of our permanent team design and professional controlling.

Our in-house training courses on intercultural team processes are just as much an integral part of our professional and structural processes as the continuing education of our employees, which completes our quality standards.

Collegial expert advice

The employees are accompanied in their care work by a suitably trained and experienced managerial staff and are also internally reflected in their work and actions by small, collegial teams.


Neue Bruecke e. V. cooperates with independent external supervisors with different methodological training in order to take full account of our employees' own professional orientations and existing additional qualifications and to reflect on the case specific work in a professional manner.

Conceptual further development and control processes

Working with and on people not only requires a high degree of self-reflection, but also the examination and adaptation of the existing pedagogical concept to the requirements of social work and the people themselves. It also takes into account the participation of our employees and their professional resources and ideas.

At the same time, the concept cannot be separated from our mission statement; both are subject to alternating effects that support our continuous further development.


Neue Bruecke e. V. understands documentation as one of the central instruments for quality assurance and serves methodically to create transparent processes for families, individuals and youth welfare offices and authorities and at the same time to document resources, successes, goals and work assignments in an observing and value-free manner.

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