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We offer a range of products and services geared to our needs that give us access to people's lives and respectfully take into account their biographical, ethnic, political and socio-cultural backgrounds.

Neue Bruecke e. V. supports the interests of children, young people and families from a transcultural perspective and uses central cultural and identity elements to support each individual by means of available resources and personal strengths in his or her social and emotional arrival and being here.
Relationship-oriented approach

We build trusting relationships with people, respectfully pick up on the cultural rites and forms of communication, and on this basis convey respect for proximity, distance and borders.

Family oriented approach

Parents' work is aimed at supporting and strengthening their educational skills for the independent, self-organized and responsible promotion of their children's development and supports migration-sensitive change processes.

In the concrete work with the parents, the respective cultural family background as well as the understanding of roles must therefore be taken into account in the professional design of the help and consideration in the selection of the pedagogical staff. The divisions into male and female decision-makers and contact persons must therefore be taken up sensitively, which often means that counselling work must be begun with both a male and a female specialist.

Here, the application of communication rites is just as important a component of intercultural parenting as the recording of far-reaching central decision-makers in the family and family structure - also outside the social space.

Mediation, networking and cooperations

The social pedagogical services for the welfare of children and young people have the task of mediating between the youth welfare organisations, schools, institutions, offices, authorities and the El­ternhaus and of establishing a resource-efficient network for this purpose.

The cooperation of all persons and institutions involved in the aid plan is indispensable. This is to be achieved through close cooperation, in particular with the Youth Welfare Office in the form of a regular exchange.

Systemic approach

Neue Bruecke e. V. works with system counselling and therapeutic methods (according to de Shazer, Satir, Sparrer, Minuchin) and elements in order to be able to act in a solution-focused manner. In addition, the system-theoretical view also offers an ongoing development process for our association within the structures of the responsible body.

Integration approach

In our understanding, integration can be divided into three areas: firstly, integration into the functional system of our society. This is expressed in practical terms in the integration of the housing and labour market, but e. g. in the form of social security, for example. also in the exercise of the right to vote and in the integration of schools and universities.

As a prerequisite, an understanding of (German) politics, the economy, the health and education system must be created in order to initiate important processes of understanding.

Within the framework of social integration, Neue Bruecke e. V. focuses on the development of personal networks of relationships between the children, adolescents and families to be cared for in order to strengthen their individual personalities and to create stabilising factors in crisis situations.

The decisive factor here is the promotion, support and development of leisure activities (e. g. sports, culture) and personal contacts, with which a binding circle of friends and acquaintances is built up, association connections are established through regular participation and reliable relationships are created.

It is also our aim to promote the process of personal culture for the families and young people to be cared for. Neue Bruecke e. V. supports the perception of cultural elements beyond one's own cultural understanding by means of educational and mediation processes.

Protection against child welfare endangerment

Within the scope of the ambulatory aids for education according to § 8a SGB VIII, our focus is always directed towards the well-being of the child with the professional view on a development-promoting education, the securing of existential basic needs and the basics for a social and emotional personal development.

The involvement of the legal guardians and their children in the case of the protection mandate is a central element and is intended to ensure that all participants are actively involved in the task to be carried out to restore protection in their role responsibilities.

Our support is intended to promote the well-being of the child through necessary changes in the behaviour of the caregivers and an open-mindedness of the child.

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