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In our work, we see art, culture and media work as bridges with which we connect the past, the present and a vision of the future.

Through common artistic languages, we create differentiated perspectives and alternative ways of communication and promote the common.

Together with our network partners, we initiate initiatives if required and of interest (partly in cooperation with cities and other interested parties). Educational institutions) Music, dance, theatre or social media projects that accompany the school year, take place as a workshop week or can be initiated in the social room on behalf of municipal commissions. In addition, Neue Bruecke e. V. also creates its own offers and carries out small project studies, financed by donations or approved funding applications.

Our goals

The aim of our work is to grow beyond the concept of social-social culture and to confront a new heterogeneity in cultural diversity with a sense of openness, interest and curiosity.

We want to motivate young and old to communicate their individuality, their insecurities and fears, wishes and ideas by means of different artistic approaches and their own cultural elements.

We want to teach how people can express their feelings such as curiosity and joy, anger and overstrain without language, become aware of their personal limits and learn to communicate them.

The aim is to learn about the connecting elements of different cultures and to share moments of community and belonging through the group projects, to experience fun and joy and to pass these experiences on to others. In addition, it is important for us to use pedagogical, sociological and socio-cultural methods and expertise to process the biographies of children, adolescents and adults with regard to their artistic, musical, theater pedagogical and media design approaches and to accompany them on their path to orientation and identity, but also to make it possible for them to have carefree and easy moments.

The target group

All people are addressed. However, we also offer special offers for groups of children, young people and pupils as part of educational or social projects or cooperations with educational institutions or day-care centres.

The team

The team and our network partners come from cultural and artistic fields, including music, dance, creative arts, theatre and acting. They have a wide range of professional project experience in dealing with people from different cultures and in the development of cross-cultural and cross-cultural projects.
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