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New paths and bridges of understanding, cooperation and integration must be pursued on both sides.

From our point of view, they require methodical, culturally sensitive and enlightening support through training courses for employees of public and private institutions.

In addition, they also require a common bridge-building for social and socio-spatial living, for the design of alternative life concepts and their acceptance and recognition. We want to support this with workshops, seminars and lecturer activities, e. g. in schools, kindergartens, authorities, companies, associations, hospitals and retirement homes.

Our goals

With our services we want to impart and expand transcultural skills in action and communication as well as to expand methodical approaches and self-reflexive processes. We focus on the following:
  • We impart culture-specific characteristics and cultural and non-verbal codes
  • We are developing a child protection policy that takes into account the immigrant background and the cultural biography of people and incorporates existing role models in its actions
  • We create our own linguistic approaches in dealing with people with migration biography
  • We want to empower us and others to change our own perspective
  • We clarify how cultural spaces for action are created
  • We sensitize for the power of language
  • We establish processes of understanding with other cultures and their societies

The target groups

We offer workshops and training courses on how to deal with people with an escape biography/migration background and how to expand transcultural and anti-discriminatory skills in dealing with people with an escape biography/migration background and how to develop transcultural and anti-discriminatory action and communication skills to interested parties and professionals from schools, day-care centres, authorities, senior citizens' and care institutions, companies and associations.

The team

Our team has - partly certified - interculturally trained trainers*, trauma pedagogues*and consultants as well as theatre educators and cultural scientists*and other experts from psycho-social fields of work, their practice and methodical experience in transculturality, refugee work, intercultural social work and anti-bias work in our workshops.
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