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About us
Neue Bruecke e. V. sees itself as a transcultural institution that establishes connections between individual lifestyles, different cultures and different languages.

The bridge is a place that encounters cultural difference and diversity through mindful interaction and integrative actions and experiences them as an enrichment and challenge.

We are an international and interdisciplinary team of people with and without a migration background or their own escape biography who have developed a common understanding and action for transcultural social and relationship work.

We always meet other people, concepts of life and cultures at eye level in order to open our eyes to potential and resources - irrespective of gender, age, social status, nationality, religion, mental or physical impairment or educational development. We take the individuality and seriousness of people seriously.

We believe that bridges have to be crossed on both sides - through respectful and trusting encounters, transparency and constant communication, exchange of experiences and an understanding beyond spoken language.

The aim is to develop an idea of oneself - or to become aware of oneself and one's own effectiveness and resources. This also includes learning something about oneself through the other, discovering creative scope and freedom of decision making as well as the effects of one's own actions. We not only want to initiate processes, but also create sustainable changes.

In order to achieve this goal, we make use of the four pillars of our organisational culture: respect, openness, recognition and equality.

We want to help people learn to deal with everyday racism and thus help them to experience empowerment, self-efficacy and the positive shaping of their own life plans.

The implementation and safeguarding of equal opportunities and equity is a consistent guiding principle of our institution.

We also want to build bridges between the generations. We also look at migration with a view to the lifestyles of older people.

Our cross-generational perspective is not only reflected in our transcultural social responsibility - we also take up this vision in our team structures and thus promote the future and new generations of social workers and socially committed people, so that Neue Bruecke e. V. is always also the future.

Our multi-generational thinking builds a bridge between the generations, creates perspectives and role models and can be experienced through our mission statement. Our work is movement, professionalism, creativity, curiosity, fun, challenge and quality. We create space, time and space to initiate new ideas and implement them through projects.

We achieve this through appreciative, participatory and attentive cooperation as well as a high degree of care, reliability, structural transparency and openness. In doing so, error-friendliness also creates the space for joint learning, reflection and further development.

We see people as the most important resource.

All employees actively participate in in-house training courses to initiate team, design and reflection processes on transcultural and anti-discriminatory attitudes. The annual scope of this training course comprises at least 32 hours.

We see ourselves as a process-oriented organisation - we are constantly learning by gaining further knowledge, insights and experiences through other cultures and lifestyles, integrating them into our pedagogical and social work and constantly questioning, discussing and further developing our own actions.

Whenever possible, we "knit" tailor-made offers for and with people and their organisations and institutions. We attach great importance to quality, sustainability and supply of these services. We assume professional responsibility for our team and each individual.

Our mission statement is not static, but a continuous and common process of understanding between our team, the people we support and the current social requirements.
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