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About us
Neue Bruecke e. V. is a non-partisan and non-denominational association that has been active since 2004 in the fields of child, youth, family and cultural work through a variety of projects and events in Cologne and the surrounding area. In addition, Neue Bruecke e. V. advises supraregional social institutions, youth welfare agencies, municipalities and educational institutions on intercultural issues and cooperates with them.

We build bridges for mutual understanding, the development of alternative options for action, a change of perspective to change stereotypical thought patterns and decisions, and help to counteract one's own uncertainties and fears. We do this with the help of training courses, seminars and workshops in the areas of transcultural understanding and communication.

Our employees have their own migration background to a large extent. In addition to their professional know-how and linguistic diversity, they have experience and practice in integration, youth welfare, senior citizens' work, adult education and/or migration, refugee and project work.

Our linguistic, cultural and religious diversity also makes it necessary for us to reflect and constantly expand our limited views, patterns of action, role models and pedagogical, nursing-care and methodological approaches.

To make this possible, we hold regular in-house training courses with all our employees, focusing on self-reflection and team processes. This enables us to develop trustworthy approaches to individuals in the field of children's, youth, faculty and senior citizens' assistance, to carry out authentic seminars and to initiate cultural projects in which fun and joy can be experienced.

The aim of our work is to support people in growing beyond their own social-social concept of culture and to confront cultural diversity with openness, interest and curiosity for young and old.
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